Our grants propel thought-provoking creatives, equip civic problem solvers and fund urban innovators. 

Grantees should be risk takers and doers with entrepreneurial spirits and track records of turning ideas into action. People’s Liberty grants are awarded to individuals or small groups of collaborators. Grants are not awarded to for-profits, nonprofits, organizations or businesses. We grant directly to people.

People's Liberty Funds:

  • Projects that are feasible
  • Projects that can be achieved within a specific timeline and budget
  • Projects that solve a problem or create a unique opportunity
  • Projects that are distinctive and innovative
  • Projects that create an interesting intersection of people, place and ideas
  • Projects that have the potential to have a lasting impact on Greater Cincinnati
  • Projects that inspire others to join, respond or act
  • Projects that are simple enough to replicate
  • Projects with the potential to become creative or social enterprises

People's Liberty Does Not Fund:

  • for-profits, nonprofits or b-corps
  • projects outside of the I-275 beltway 
  • research or plans
  • vacations
  • charrettes and/or think-tanks
  • activities with a primary purpose that is political or religious in nature
  • yoga or mindfulness activities
  • yarn-bombing (sorry)
  • projects that involve the maintenance or improvement of health via the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness and/or injury (i.e. healthcare) 


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