The People’s Liberty Residency Program (aka the Society of Mad Philanthropists) is designed to help emerging leaders sharpen their skills, gain access
to a vast network of local and national connections and work on real-world projects to help them build their design/communications portfolios.

Three individuals are selected for each three-month residency cycle. Residents join the People’s Liberty leadership team, full-time and work with lead staff to develop inspiring new ways to tell the People’s Liberty story, while building their own.

2017 Calendar

1.17.17 – Spring Residency Begins
3.27.17 – Summer Residency Application Opens
4.10.17 – Summer Residency Application Closes
4.28.17 – Spring Residency Ends
5.15.17 – Summer Residency Begins
7.11.17 – Fall Residency Application Opens
7.25.17 – Fall Residency Application Closes
8.11.17 – Summer Residency Ends
8.28.17 – Fall Residency Begins
12.18.17 – Fall Residency Ends

Want to learn more? Visit the Society of Mad Philanthropists.