Haile Fellows

Chris Glass

Chris Glass wants to celebrate and advance intentional photography in Greater Cincinnati.

One component of his fellowship is a collaborative project called PhotoScouting. This program encourages everyone to exercise photographic principles, explore neighborhoods and connect with others while creating meaningful photographs.

A Guidebook organizes tasks in three categories: photography, neighborhood and people. Participants earn patches by completing tasks in each category. Photos submitted will be incorporated into a printed edition at the end of the fellowship and made available throughout communities.

Additionally, Chris is hosting photo walks throughout the area. These casual strolls highlight the character of our neighborhoods. Join us at our next event!


Brandon Black

Brandon Black will use his Fellowship year to explore traditional apprenticeship in the age of technology. Brandon believes there are many people, namely elders, willing to share working knowledge and expertise to novice, able-bodied home rehab enthusiasts. Brandon will spend the next 12 months attempting to narrow the relational gap between Baby Boomers and Millennials, by connecting them through home repair projects that bring out the best in both generations. By the completion of his Fellowship, Brandon hopes to reimagine the role of elders, beautify neighborhoods and increase home values. Brandon sees this as an opportunity to develop a model that could incorporate other disciplines with intergenerational apprenticeship.

Check out Brandon's project, Retire Repair!

Project Grantees


Emily Wolff

Project: Axis Cov
Lives in: Covington

Axis Cov will improve the CSX underpass on 6th Street in Covington through beautification, creative lighting and increased safety measures for a welcoming neighborhood and community.


Kate Zaidan

Project: Stir!
Lives in: Northside

Stir! will be a variation on the traditional cooking class model. This series of community cooking classes will bring the community together to participate and share skills and expertise around food.


Lisa Andrews (with Mary Seguin +
Ray Ball)

Project: People's Pantry Cincy
Lives in: Pleasant Ridge

People's Pantry Cincy will build and install mini pantries in several Cincinnati neighborhoods. Pantries will both allow for local residents to donate non-perishable food and personal hygiene items and for anyone to safely and conveniently take what they need.

Nancy Yerian

Project: Vibrant Kin
Lives in: Walnut Hills

Vibrant Kin will be an exhibit covering 50 years of LGBTQ history in Greater Cincinnati. This traveling exhibit will build intergenerational connections, educate the public about our local history and involve the public through a variety of programs.


Mike Augustine + Jesse Deegan

Project: The Chronograph
Lives in: Mt. Adams

The Chronograph will be a large-scale clock that will travel throughout OTR, Downtown and Mt. Adams. Unlike traditional clocks, The Chronograph will incorporate minute variations in its geospatial positioning to present time in a heretofore unexplored manner.

Damon Lynch IV

Project: Urban Orchards
Lives in: East Price Hill

Urban Orchards will use permaculture techniques to plant dwarf trees in Roselawn's vacant spaces as well as in residents' yards. The focus will be to provide access to fruit trees, edible shrubs, herbs and flowers and to educate the community about sustainable living, all while serving
a need.



Nicole Lee

Project: Warrior Moms
Lives in: Silverton

Warrior Moms' mobile beauty salon will visit a variety of Cincinnati's neighborhoods to help empower and create a positive network of single mothers.

Kai Stoudemire-Williams

Project: YCareer DoJo
Lives in: Westwood 

YCareer DoJo will create a 6-8 week career immersion program for 14 to 17 year olds providing an opportunity for hands-on learning and field trip experiences. Participants will develop leadership and entrepreneurship skills while exploring STEAM career opportunities around
Greater Cincinnati.


Rob Wilson

Project:  Your Productions
Lives in: Hyde Park

Your Productions will bring together experienced leaders with local youth to create change through media in Avondale. Young adults from the neighborhood will identify a community issue, research it and produce a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for local channels. Teams will research issues and look for potential solutions to raise awareness and create change.

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Aaron Greene

Project: It's Just Science!
Lives in: North College Hill

It's Just Science! will present a series
of educational pop-ups in the form of interactive and engaging learning tools. Residents will be encouraged to explore various aspects of science through carefully selected, hands-on experiments. Scientists and educators will promote curiosity by providing answers about bioscience-related subjects that are relatable to everyday life.


Domonique Peebles

Project: Brick Gardens
Lives in: Over-the-Rhine

Brick Gardens is an urban gardening model using indoor vertical towers to grow produce that will be donated to a local community. This model will allow for more programs to promote healthy eating in schools, local soup kitchens or food banks all year round.

Kathleen Cail + Nestor Melnyk

Project: Access Cincinnati
Lives in: Indian Hill + Clifton

Access Cincinnati will help establish a public movement that better communicates the accessibility of certain venues in downtown Cincinnati and OTR. Access Cincinnati
will serve as a resource to the community, infiltrating social media and websites with icons that provide accurate information regarding accessibility of spaces.

Ben Sloan

Project: The Percussion Park
Lives in: Northside

The Percussion Park, a functional drum set composed of unorthodox materials, will allow for multiple players to participate and interact with sounds. The Percussion Park will be a vehicle for community engagement by activating unused space, bringing people together to create music and strengthening communities. Open to everyone, the percussion set will be installed in Price Hill.

Larry Malott

Project: Amazing Urban Adventures
Lives in: Hebron 

Amazing Urban Adventures ignites spontaneous theme-based parades, inviting the public to participate, while exploring new areas of the city. Parades will be a celebration of personality and self-expression, encouraging everyone to create their own costumes and honor the neighborhoods they live in.

Rachelle Caplan

Project: Caravan Traveling Sound Studio
Lives in: Northside

Caravan Traveling Sound exists to address the problem of limited musical access and expression in diverse communities. Caravan is a pop-up instrument showroom and mobile sound studio that captures creative moments through field recordings and historical documentation.

Jasmine Humphries

Project: Who ‘They’ Is
Lives in: Avondale

Who ‘They’ Is will be a summer civic enrichment open to young students who will participate in a community design project in Avondale. Students will learn how to plan and manage a project, identify stakeholders, and get community buy-in. They will consequently uncover who “they” is along the way and will become empowered to work towards change in their own communities.

Globe Grantees

Phil Rowland

Project: You Are Here
Coming to the Globe: Spring 2017

Joi Sears

Project: The Green Store
Coming to the Globe: Summer 2017

Caroline Creaghead

Project: Here Channel
Coming to the Globe: Fall 2017