Project Grant V Info Session


PG5 Info Session Q+A Minutes
2.28, 6:00pm

Q: What is the vetting process?
A: The submitted applications will be randomly assigned to two different panels. Each panel is composed of three individuals. The panels will pass on a small number of applications to a final panel review. Those who qualify for interviews will be contacted directly, we call them finalists. The number of interviews will depend on the panel’s decision. Eight individuals will be selected. 

Q: Is your project allowed to generate income?
A: Yes, but if your idea will allow you to retire early and move to Hawaii, this is probably not the grant for you. Your idea must have a charitable or community-focused component.

Q: What does “seize an opportunity” mean?
A: We see there are already opportunities out there trying to solve problems. We want to fund unique projects, not something already happening. Do not reinvent the wheel. Dream big. 

Q: Have successful applications in the past talked about their project continuing past the 6-month time frame?
A: Yes, but not all. We want you to focus on trying to get your project done successfully with the 6 months you will have. The team will discuss with you next steps you may or may not want to take after the completion of your project. 

Q: What happens if the project is time sensitive and it takes less than 6 months?
A: That is fine. Just account for the whole 6 months as part of your project. We want you to be a part of this experience during the entire cycle with your fellow grantees. In your application, you can attach a project timeline that shows how you will complete the last 2-3 months. 

Q: If you are the support person on someone else's application, can you submit your own application for another project too?
A: Seeing your name on three different applications (as a leader and/or a team member) will confuse our panelists. Make sure you communicate with everyone to know who will be applying. One can only be dedicated to so many projects.

Q: We shouldn’t have 20 different funders for our project, but are some partnerships allowed?
A: Yes. We encourage partnerships from local organizations or individuals. But we want you to focus on a $10,000 project (not a $15,000 project or countless in-kind donations). Don’t waste your six month’s time and energy looking for more money. Prove you can do your project within 6 months, with $10,000. We have many connections in the city, so exploit them and us!
Q: If it is a team application, do all of the members have to be local residents/citizens?
A: The team members can be from anywhere. However, per requirements from the IRS, People’s Liberty must grant (or write checks) to a leader who is a Cincinnati resident and a US citizen. 

Q: If the project needs city permits, does People’s Liberty negotiate that?
A: We can help with that. We don't have a magic key to make it happen, but we can direct you to the right contacts and how-to information. Just prepare for how long that process will take and if it is feasible? It should ALL happen within the 6 month time frame.

Q: If you already have an existing project and you want to use these funds to make it better, can this grant support something like this?
A: No. This is probably not the grant for you. Please read our grant guide

Grantee Advice
Globe Grantee Julia Fischer: I’m not good at asking for help, but the PL team is very approachable and they have resources. Ask them for help.

Project Grantee Dominique Peebles: Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get picked this time. Ask for feedback and use the time to refine your ideas.

Project Grantee Q: Keep it simple. Do not overthink the application. You don’t have to use 200 words for each question.

Project Grantee Lisa Andrews: Make sure you're really passionate about what you're doing. You will need to sell your project to people every time you meet them in the community.